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Online Dating Questions You Should Ask A Woman

One of the biggest mistakes that I see from guys when it comes to online dating is not qualifying women. As I’ve discussed before, men often contact a woman from a position of neediness and desperation.

In other words, you do nothing to challenge her.

The typical woman receives a lot of emails that automatically demonstrates a guys desperation. Typically these will be messages like:

“You’re so hot…”


“God girl, UR so beautiful. Hit me back sometime”

Now what I like to do is establish myself and bust a little on her. But in addition, I like to make a few comments that’ll clearly show that I’m trying to qualify her. As I stated before, women have grown accustomed to guys who automatically demonstrate their levels of attraction. Instead of doing this, you should ask questions, that’ll make her think about you.

And as a result, you’ll increase your chances of dramatically attracting her interest.

So during the initial email, I like to ask a series of thought provoking questions that’ll establish myself as an interesting guy who is not afraid to be forward with his intentions.

What I’ve discovered is to establish some sort of “test” with a woman and see how she reacts. In other words, you can say, you seem pretty interesting, but I’m not sure if you’re worth talking to. So please respond with the following:

What is the best quality about yourself?

What are your favorite movie or book?

If you had all the money in the world, what is the best place you would visit?

Name one character from a TV show or movie that you identify with?

What super power would you pick?

What is the ONE thing you would love to do with your life?

Finally, what’s with the _____ (This question should bust a little on some specific aspect of her profile.

Now I’m constantly looking for ways to meet women. What I’ve discovered is the importance of demonstrating high status when you’re contacting a woman. The more you seem like somebody who is busting on a girl, the more you’ll show an attractive side of your personality.

Simply implement these qualifying questions into your next interaction, and you’ll become a guy who can meet a lot of women through online dating. login
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