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4 Steps on How to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Getting a woman’s phone number can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’ve been talking to her for awhile and have hopefully built up enough attraction. But when it comes time to grab her digits, you’ve got to have a plan.

Well in this article, we’re going to cover a few tips that ensure the best chance you have of grabbing her number.

#1- Have a Reason Why

Getting a woman’s number becomes much easier if you give her a reason why. During your conversation, you should seed it with different activities and interests that you like to do. Furthermore, you should learn a little about her and her interests.

When you ask for her number, you should structure in a manner where you’re giving her a specific reason for WHY you’re calling her. Having a pretense for calling her makes it much easier to call her.

#2- Ask in a high status manner

One of the things I’ve discovered is the WAY you ask for a number can make or break your chances. Most guys ask for a woman’s number in a supplicating manner:

“Can I PLEASE have your number?”

Instead of structuring the number request as a request, you should make it in a way that’s hard to refuse. In other words, structure the question as a subtle demand, rather then a question.

So taking these two steps, you can structure the question like this:

“Hey, there’s that party on Friday I was talking about. Let me get your number and I’ll call you with more details”

#3- The boyfriend problem

Typically during a conversation, you might hear about her boyfriend. How you handle this situation is up to you.

When a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, it could mean a lot of things:

• She has a boyfriend and is very happy
• She has a boyfriend and isn’t happy
• She has a “peripheral” guy in her life who isn’t a boyfriend
• She’s lying to you

There are many different ways to handle the boyfriend issue. On one hand, you can use a cocky/funny response like “I’m not asking for his number” or you could be direct and ask her “if she’s happy with him”.

Generally I recommend you ignore the response the first time and then keep working on her. If you ask again and she talks about him, then you have to make a decision.

You could either decide to be JUST friends with her OR you can try being a little sneaky and act like you just want to be friends.

It’s really up to you.

#4- Stalling Tactics

Some women will give you stalling tactics that could include various things. These can include such things as:

• “I don’t give my numbers out to guys”
• “How about I get yours instead”
• “I don’t know you well enough to give out my number”
• “I don’t have a phone”
• “How about I just meet you there”

Now the reason I call these stalling tactics is they’re basically tactics women use to blow off a guy who they deem not that interesting. Instead of saying, I’m not interested in you, these are maneuvers designed to not hurt your feelings.

So my best advice is to make sure you did a good enough job with attracting her. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

But if you run a good game and she’s still stalling, then you might need to build more comfort. Some women are not in the habit of giving their numbers out to new guys. So you might need to further demonstrate your high status.

Perhaps you should talk more to her. Or you could tease her or use cocky/funny.

Just remember that the ONLY way you can talk to a woman after you’ve met her is to get her number. So if you follow the 4 steps I’ve outlined in this article, then you’ll increase your chances of grabbing a woman’s digits. login
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