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4 Tips on How to Be Cocky and Funny

If you’ve visited this site a few times, then you’ve probably seen me make reference to a technique called “cocky/funny”. What is this technique? Well in this post, I’m going to discuss the importance of cocky/funny, how it can help you and a few simple ways you can incorporate it into your attraction building routines.

Cocky/funny is a phrased that was created by David DeAngelo in his “Cocky Comedy” course. The basic idea behind this technique is women are NOT used to guys who act challenging. Most of the time, attractive woman have guys hitting on them and basically kissing their asses!

When you use cocky/funny comments you stand out from other guys. Whenever you’re around a woman, you’re behaving in a slightly arrogant manner while teasing the hell out them! But all of this is done in a PLAYFUL and humorous manner.

With the cocky/funny technique, you WANT to make her think that you’re a high status guy who is used to interacting with good looking women. You’re basically communicating that her looks won’t affect your actions. Instead you’re behaving the same way that you would around your friends.

Now if you want to learn how to develop a cocky/funny attitude, you should follow this simple FOUR step system:

Step 1- Understand the philosophy.

Cocky/funny is more then simply insulting women. It’s more about finding a subtle fault and telling it a woman in a funny manner. So before you use this technique, it’s important to understand how AND why it should be used.

Step 2- Learn to be naturally funny

The best way to develop a cocky-funny personality is to know how and why humor can be used in different situations. An important thing to remember is to NEVER act like a clown or a buffoon. With a cocky/funny attitude, you focus on making her laugh while maintaining a high status attitude.

Because humor requires the right timing, you should practice being a naturally funny guy.

Step 3- Create your own comments

Now a major problem I see is guys who use the SAME routines that other men have used. If you do this, you’ll eventually run into trouble. As the seduction community grows in popularity, there will be a natural tendency to use material that’s been “proven to work”. So the more you use popular material, the more you’ll probably encounter a girl whose already heard one of your lines.

I recommend that you spend a few hours one day and create comments that cover many encounters you have during a given day. You can start by thinking of little “one-liners” for the different situations with women.

When you have a collection of great comments you’ll literally have an arsenal of cocky/funny lines that can be used in almost ANY situation.

Step 4- Practice, practice, practice

The final step is to PRACTICE using your cocky-comedy lines. Now instead of using them just on women, you should gain experience by telling them around EVERYONE you meet. The more you do it, the more you’ll develop your timing AND style.

The cocky/funny technique is one of the BEST ways to demonstrate a higher status personality. As a result, it’s important to understand why it should be used, THEN make it part of your overall routine.

Once you get used to using it, women will start to view you as a humorous and funny guy! login
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